Merwin's GlassArt is the sole distributor for "kristian merwin studio". "kristian merwin studio" was formed in 2007 after its founder, Kristian Merwin, discovered that products were becomng ever increasingly popular. Starting from his home office in Salt Lake City, UT, "kristian merwin studio" first supplied their products to local art and jewelry shops and at art festivals. Demand soon outstripped supply. Now, "kristian merwin studio" will have Merwin's GlassArt be the distributor of all unique custom jewelry and art sculpture.
Kristian was raised in Clinton, CT. and now lives and works inSalt LakeCity,UT. He draws inspiration from a lifetime spent playing with gravity as a surfer, skier, and rock climber. He is a glass sculptor and a P.E. in structural engineering with a backround in business. Using techniques from several disciplines, Kristian exploits the properties of glass to create unique interpretations of line and shape.

Kristian shapes hot bits of glass into elegant expressions of the human form. "I see my sculptures as a way for me to depict the fluid motion that I have experienced as an athlete. By keeping the use of tools to manipulate the glass to a minimum I allow the glass to stretch and flow into the elongated shapes and curves that are the essence of my work. One can see the free flowing lines and curves which are so common in my glass sculpture".
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19 Kenilworth Drive
Clinton, CT, 06413, USA
Telephone: 860-669-9626
Cell: 860-227-4794
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Merwin's GlassArt, LLC
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"kristian merwin studio" strives to deliver one-of-a-kind glass art with each item being unique.